B2B Social Media Marketing – Why the Social Media Engagement & Traffic is very Low?

So, you stumbled up here and looking out for ways to know the exact reasons for low social media engagement & traffic? Well, you’re not alone! Most of the small & medium B2B companies usually faces the problem of fluctuations in engagement & traffic. To find out more, let’s get started!

In the past few years, Facebook, Twitter, etc. made some significant changes in their algorithms and thus led to low social media engagement & traffic. But, should we consider this as the main reasons? Before speaking about it, let’s find out the main changes that the social media networks changed which led to a drop in engagement & traffic.

Changes in Social Media Networks for Low Engagement:


  •  Facebook has changed their algorithm for newsfeed many times, and now users/fans will see what they are more interested in and is mostly based on their previous engagement over posts & brands
  • The posts on the users’ Timeline are shown based on many factors like the type of post – image/link, how engaging it is, etc.
  • Sometimes the post may reach 1000’s of people, but still, the engagement will be low, and the possible reason is they might not be interested to read/click the article at that moment. Here’s an article explaining the 90-9-1 rule


Twitter has also made few changes in their Twitter feed algorithm, and this made the user timeline to be filled up with the most engaging tweets first rather than the latest tweets. In a simple way, the Twitter timeline algorithm is very like that of Facebook.


LinkedIn has its own algorithm which also personalizes the users’ news feed based on user behavior over brands & posts. So, the engagement rate varies as it is purely based on user interest.

Reasons for Low Traffic from Social Media-

  • Most of the time, B2B  company sites covers a broad range of services, it is to be noted that the audience which you have might have may be interested in a few categories
  • So, whenever the posts fall into that category, traffic will usually be high as the engagement is high, whereas the posts from the other categories will usually have less reach as the user base might not be interested.

The main reason for fall in social media traffic is posting the articles from the same category, again and again.

  • Content diversity is too large, and it is difficult for a user to determine what the page talks about. This makes the user to not click on any of the links
  • The articles posting on the pages are more of promotional and not useful/information oriented
  • Using the stock images as it is, and copy pasting the content directly from the article

These are few of the reasons why your B2B Marketing social media pages experience low engagement which in turn leads to very less traffic.

To strengthen the article, here’s how big, medium & small scale companies are handling their social media networks.

How Medium & Small Business handle their Social media networks?

For any B2B company, the major focus is mainly on LinkedIn as to generate leads while the leads from Facebook & Twitter are minimum. So, the below guide on B2B companies is purely based on LinkedIn engagement. Also, for understanding, I’m considering the Outsourcing industry because of my current job industry!
Alright! Let’s check out the social media engagement in medium & small companies –

  • Invensis, EOS, Brickwork India, Vee-Technologies, Epicenter, etc. are few of the notable Outsourcing companies in India with considerable amount of followers on LinkedIn
  • These companies updates a single post on all social media networks so you will see the same type of content on all networks
  • On their LinkedIn pages, most of the time the engagement is zero, and the posts where the engagement happens are either on event pictures and whenever they were quoted in the news, high-authority sites, etc.

Poor social media management can be seen on medium & small B2B companies, and infact, the brand value is not up to the mark

Now, let’s check out what the big MNCs are handling the social media networks.

How the Big Companies are managing Social media networks?

As already mentioned, I’m considering the outsourcing industry, and the businesses I am quoting here are based on the related company suggestion on the respective LinkedIn pages. Well, let’s get started!

  • Firstly, Cognizant, Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Capgemini, TCS, etc. have a huge amount of followers (in lakhs). This is an asset and is mostly due to the brand value & sponsored updates. Also, these companies mostly follow a confined social media plan 
  • Just like the medium & small businesses, the higher engagement can be seen whenever they were quoted on high authority sites and on job openings
  • Also, the posts are a mixture of Events, How the company works? Whitepapers, information articles, updates on guest articles, etc. which also have decent engagement as they are not promotional
  • Even the images posted along with content follows a particular template, and most of them usually showcase facts!
  • Also, these companies mostly rely on sponsored updates which not only boosts the engagement rate on that particular post but also have a great impact on user behavior thereby increase overall engagement

Didn’t you find a pattern from the above?

Hmm! Let me explain – The big companies have a definite social media plan, follows everything that helps to increase in engagement while the other businesses just update the social media networks, as they want the audience to know. This is why these companies fail to generate decent engagement from social media.

Well, these are some of the reasons, facts why the majority of the B2B companies experience very low social media traffic & engagement. In my next article, I have a plan on sharing a simple strategy, so stay tuned!

Author: Vamsee Angadala

Chief Editor at iGadgetsworld | Electrical Engineer | Social Media Guy | Technology Writer | Gadget Reviewer