Blogging Now & Then – 5 Major Differences You Can Find in This Generation Bloggers

Being a millennial blogger, I have witnessed the evolution of bloggers from taking their personal blogs to a marketing firm. Today, let’s have a look at the major differences you can find in this generation bloggers comparing to the then bloggers.

To make things interesting, I’m also talking about the dark faces of this generation bloggers [some sarcasm]. So, let’s get started with the Blogging Now & Then differences.

Blogging Now & Then – 5 Differences:

From newspapers to mobile apps, the consumption of content by a regular user has increased tremendously. Here is how bloggers have taken over the media industry and proved to be the primary source of information.
Wait a minute, isn’t that I’m going to talk about the differences between bloggers now & then? Of course, yes! The above lines are the reason why blogging has evolved from user-based content to money-based content. Let’s check out the differences now.

1. Hobby became a Habit

It’s a known fact that everyone started their blogging as a hobby [filled with passion], but now it become a habit for everyone, and a few it’s the primary source of income or you can say their career. So, how it all happened?

It’s simple. Brands/firms came to know the power of blogging and encouraged bloggers to write about their products, do reviews, cover a story, etc. It made bloggers have their blog network because it’s very hard for one to cover everything in one website.

You can’t just make a news site and fool readers with malicious content or delayed news.

So, every major blogger plan now is to have their blogging network [a series of blogs] which includes almost all categories [niches] available.

Monetization is the primary factor why many bloggers are taking this as a habit. Leaving their passion behind, bloggers now just wanted to have their websites so they can earn some money that can fill their pockets. Besides monetization, no another factor’s making these bloggers to make their hobby into a daily habit.

Earlier this wasn’t the case. I’m talking about the pre-AdSense era or the days when getting an AdSense account was kind of hard.

In those days, the blogs filled with personal journals, and the number of bloggers was very less. The frequency of content posting is also subtle, and there was destitute engagement from the readers. It’s because of very fewer resources [from user end] and involvement of high-cost to maintain the blog [self-hosted].

So, most of the brands were more into newspapers & TV ads than getting in touch with bloggers to promote their products.

As already mentioned, the content posting doesn’t follow any timeline, so there’s no point of taking things seriously and monetize it with some ad publishers. Even after the monetization [some years after], their blogs filled with most useful content and there were no click-baits or a way to mislead the reader.

As mentioned in my previous article about the pre-Facebook groups’ era, Forums have helped users to understand the real potential of Blogging, and thus gave rise to methods which the current generation of bloggers following.

2. Everyone’s a Digital Marketer

That’s real man! Everyone’s a digital marketer, SEO Expert, Internet Marketer and later becomes a solopreneur or an entrepreneur.

To be honest, the resources available now can make anyone [without any knowledge] a blogger, but it’s all about the consistency you show in your articles, and that’s what make a difference with others. I’m calling every blogger as a digital marketer now because they’re calling themselves as one.

Though they call themselves as digital marketing consultants/SEO experts [which their blog posts convey the same], no one’s an expert for real. It was not the case earlier –

We [I can say this] believe in our blogs that will make a difference in the readers as this was our main motto in starting them. No one at that time was calling themselves as digital marketing experts, and there was no use of digital marketing consultant that time as most of the promotion was offline.

When brands came to know about the use of online marketing, slowly all bloggers turned themselves as digital marketers and provided services like SEO/social media/link building, etc.,

“No matter when you started your blogging career; eventually, all bloggers started calling themselves as digital marketing experts.

3. Content Sells something

As already explained about the monetization, the main reason behind starting blog network is to have a diverse content which has higher CPC & helps to earn more money through the affiliate network. Though some internet marketers don’t have any blog but making a pocket full of money through affiliate marketing [social media influencer + spam], the current generation bloggers are still finding different ways to make a life out of their blog network.

The way they write content always has something to do with the monetization. It is not just happening with bloggers, and even the corporate news websites are finding ways to make their content sell something. One good example [from tech side], Let’s take the top 5 gaming articles you can buy under 50K and blogs usually lists down the top 5 with affiliate links. It is considered to be a good practice, as it helps the user to check out the pricing and specifications comparison in the eCommerce website [with the links given in the listicle]. Bloggers usually take this to the next level and write the content just for the affiliate links which sometimes may not fall in the website category. This is where it creates a problem for readers.

They visit website for something, reads something else and end up somewhere in the web [with the links given in the article]

It was not the case for the first generation bloggers. As clearly explained in the previous lines, that our main motto was to write what we loved to, no one ever thought of making a quick money out of it. You don’t see any bloggers writing content specifically for affiliate links, and yes we do use affiliate links but in a good practice.

4. Become an Influencer in the Niche

I believe this is the main reason why many people are showing the interest towards blogging. Earlier there was no distinction in blogging, as we used to pick up stories which we like and post it on our blogs. But, now you should always start your blogging career with a blog that talks explicitly about blogging, or in simple become a tech blogger and start one more blog that talks about blogging. It is to give support for your blogging career, and the tech blog is to become an influencer in the tech.

Well, it seems many of the current generation have the same plan in their mind.

The point of starting a blog that talks more about blogging doesn’t make sense. Considering you as a new blogger, how can someone talks more about SEO/social media strategies, link building, etc. when they just started their blog [even their blogging] like one month back. It is where bloggers are fooling users and brands.

It’s very easy now to become an influencer. I’m not joking. If you have got good contacts with other blogger friends, you can be one of them. Just do a guest post on their blogs, and make a name for yourself. Attend events if any, along with them. Take selfies and post them on social media and don’t forget to tag the brands. Also, do run some paid giveaways to gain social media following and finally, showcase your social media followers + engagement to the brand.

That’s it; you’re an influencer now.

But, the real influencer marketing is completely different to what the current generation bloggers are doing. The influence should come from your content and not from you. Moreover, your article should affect the reader in a positive way [not by getting paid], and the final decision should always be in the hands of user-end, but not in your hands. This is where most bloggers users the influencer marketing wrongly.

Everyone knows brands pay influencers to promote their products/services, and users just wanted to know more insights but not be brain-washed. Well, it was not a thing earlier. The first-generation bloggers were very cool with what they’re doing – Increasing engagement on their articles was their main thing.

Though influencer marketing is a fundamental element in digital marketing, choosing an influencer is important. Every blogger in the particular niche considering themselves as influencers but doesn’t contribute in any way to brand to improve the sales or increase word of mouth about their brand. So, it’s just a waste of time if you’re planning to be one with your new blog.

5. Start a company is a primary goal

This is not just the case of today bloggers, even with the then bloggers, the ultimate aim is to have an own startup that can bring a change. So, this was a significant step for every blogger.

As of now, many successful bloggers become successful entrepreneurs, and their reasons for success is consistency in their work. This is where many dreams will just stay as ideas. Being a blogger, you get to know many aspects such as budget planning, managing a small team, proving not a quitter when the disaster happens, etc. All these qualities help to become a full-time blogger, but taking it as a serious career and becoming an entrepreneur does come with a wide-range of challenges.

This is where many bloggers fail and become a spammer.

Well, these are the 5 major differences you can find in bloggers now & the then first generation bloggers. Though there are many common things in both generations, the primary difference is content-driven, user-helpful articles became money oriented.

Author: Vamsee Angadala

Chief Editor at iGadgetsworld | Electrical Engineer | Social Media Guy | Technology Writer | Gadget Reviewer