Blogging vs. Journalism – What is the difference?

Well, talking about blogging Vs Journalism, both represents the same kind of work, but they differ in many instances. The blogger usually shares his personal opinions on their blogs while journalists often quote what’s happening around! Both of their work often represented in the form of content & are written in such a way to attract their niche audience/ make their audience aware of what’s going on around!

Still, there are many differences between a blogger & a journalist. If it’s just about writing, then bloggers can call themselves as journalists, but we are using two different words to differentiate. So, what’s the difference? Let’s check out!

Blogging vs. Journalism – 5 Differences:

1. Degree

Blogging doesn’t really require any degree to be considered as a blogger, all you need to have is a passion for writing while Journalism does require a bachelors’ degree.

Most of the bloggers usually share their personal opinions on their blogs, it can be on any social issue, but the words they write certainly does make an impact on their blog readers. (it can be either positive or negative) This way of expressing opinions doesn’t require a degree, and all it takes is their knowledge of that issue. A blogger does target a particular audience, and most of the time their writings are based on online research. Also, they may not be able to do any personal interviews (if it’s a social cause)

On the other side, Journalists does require a bachelor’s degree, and that is where they learn how to tackle the social issues. Based on their studies of that particular case, they understand the consequences & analyze things based on them. If they have to express the opinion, they will make sure to think in every possible way as their audience are global (comparatively more than blog readers)

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2. Team Work

A blogger can work independently & all it requires is a blog to share the opinion whereas journalist should always work in an organization as they cover a broad range of news categories & does need a team of people.

Also, Blogging is a part of digital media, but journalism is both online & offline media.

3. Knowledge

A blogger can only share his opinion on a particular topic on his blog, but a journalist has a vast knowledge on different subjects & can speak, share & write their opinions.

4. Writing Style

Bloggers usually have a unique writing style that is intended to attract their niche readers. Their writing style is more of simple sentences and may or may not involve complex vocabularies, whereas Journalists follow a particular template in writing about social causes, news, etc. This is to make sure the reader finds the principal part of the topic if he has no time going through the entire news article.

5. Blog Post Vs News Articles

Both blog post & news articles have no recommended word count, but when we see the facts & the information covered in the blog posts & news articles – News articles usually have complete information about the particular topic and blog may or may not have complete information. One cannot come to a conclusion by just following a blog, as it may be false too.

So, this is the blogging vs. journalism – top 5 differences, and I guess you’re still in confusion? In my next post – I will explain about Blogging Then & Now, which will clearly explain the blogging scenario over the past few years. This will surely conclude the difference between a blogger & a journalist.

Author: Vamsee Angadala

Chief Editor at iGadgetsworld | Electrical Engineer | Social Media Guy | Technology Writer | Gadget Reviewer