Evolution of Bloggers from Engineering – The Indian Scenario

Every Engineering graduate is a blogger now. I’m serious, just go ahead and look at your friends’ Facebook or Twitter profiles, you can see either ‘Admin at example.com’ or ‘CEO & Founder at example.com.’ isn’t it? So, why there’s a sudden rise in Blogging in India now?

Well, Blogging has been there in India, but it’s more of personal blogging, and now bloggers took it to the next level which you can call it at the corporate level [the pro bloggers are calling it!]. Yes, I mean – The Corporate Blogging. The rise of blogging was not sudden, and it increased gradually. The fuel for this blogging came from forums as pre-Facebook groups era, everyone’s ideal place was chilling out at forums and checking out the methods on what you can do online for making money & other stuff. Though this was the primary fuel, I still say it was from one’s personal interest too. Continue reading “Evolution of Bloggers from Engineering – The Indian Scenario”

5 Things you need to keep in mind before you launch a startup

My Grandpa used to say, “Before you start a business, take a moment and think from the customer perspective whether they really need it or not”.

For some entrepreneurs, it seems like a child’s play in launching a startup, and they don’t even care whether it will be successful or not. To be honest, there’s no point of giving your best shot if it’s going to be ineffective and no use to anyone. Continue reading “5 Things you need to keep in mind before you launch a startup”