5 Critical Reasons Why Your Startup ended up as a Failure!

Most of the startups fail not because of lack of funds, but because of internal team affairs. I feel this is the main reason why most startups fail before they hit seeding. There are several other reasons for startup failure, but the main one is because of the partners/co-founders/other founding team members, etc. who may not work towards the goal. Let me clear it up.

Every startups’ idea comes from one guy who shares it with other close people [who has same interest], and others just add up the remaining thing [modifications] that is required to make the idea succeed. Continue reading “5 Critical Reasons Why Your Startup ended up as a Failure!”

Welcome to iUserBlog! A brief intro to you about ourselves

Hello, and welcome to our blog, iUserBlog.com. I wonder somehow you got in here, but just to give you a little idea, we are starting from today and hope for a great journey ahead with our readers. Plans were in our mind from past few years, after we saw a silver lining around the cloud after we had started iGadgetsworld back on December 16th, 2012 and now, our thoughts are a reality.

So, what is iUserBlog?

Just a blog on the WILD WILD WEB, where you can know about a lot of things and I can guarantee that everything you read will be interesting enough and will help you grow as a blogger or as a web geek. So basically we will discuss some things which will help you a lot. Continue reading “Welcome to iUserBlog! A brief intro to you about ourselves”