Personal Branding – Why is it important for your career?

Do you remember the Apple Co-founder, Steve Jobs quote, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life?” Well, being the Millenials in Generation Z, living like someone else is more important than living the way we are! It is what most of the people believe as Personal Branding and follows. From their perspective, it was an influence but from others’ it’s just a dumb thing. Not just in real life, you can find people like this in the digital world too. [Internet marketers, social media influencers, pro bloggers, etc.] Continue reading “Personal Branding – Why is it important for your career?”

Blogging Now & Then – 5 Major Differences You Can Find in This Generation Bloggers

Being a millennial blogger, I have witnessed the evolution of bloggers from taking their personal blogs to a marketing firm. Today, let’s have a look at the major differences you can find in this generation bloggers comparing to the then bloggers.

To make things interesting, I’m also talking about the dark faces of this generation bloggers [some sarcasm]. So, let’s get started with the Blogging Now & Then differences.

Blogging Now & Then – 5 Differences:

From newspapers to mobile apps, the consumption of content by a regular user has increased tremendously. Here is how bloggers have taken over the media industry and proved to be the primary source of information.
Wait a minute, isn’t that I’m going to talk about the differences between bloggers now & then? Of course, yes! The above lines are the reason why blogging has evolved from user-based content to money-based content. Let’s check out the differences now.

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