Evolution of Bloggers from Engineering – The Indian Scenario

Every Engineering graduate is a blogger now. I’m serious, just go ahead and look at your friends’ Facebook or Twitter profiles, you can see either ‘Admin at example.com’ or ‘CEO & Founder at example.com.’ isn’t it? So, why there’s a sudden rise in Blogging in India now?

Well, Blogging has been there in India, but it’s more of personal blogging, and now bloggers took it to the next level which you can call it at the corporate level [the pro bloggers are calling it!]. Yes, I mean – The Corporate Blogging. The rise of blogging was not sudden, and it increased gradually. The fuel for this blogging came from forums as pre-Facebook groups era, everyone’s ideal place was chilling out at forums and checking out the methods on what you can do online for making money & other stuff. Though this was the primary fuel, I still say it was from one’s personal interest too.

Now, bloggers are full of dropped out or passed out Engineering graduates who have no idea why they did engineering but came into blogging. Let’s have a look at the Evolution of bloggers from Engineers. For a better understanding, I divided them into two categories and let’s say Type – 1 & Type -2.

Evolution of Bloggers From Engineering

Type -1:

  • Engineers passed out like 5 years back, and they can’t get into software field as either they are not interested or doesn’t meet the requirements
  • They don’t know what to do after Engineering as the unemployment was higher [and still high], but to survive they need some medium [to earn]
  • No idea on how to start a business as all their business ideas was either inspired by books or movies
  • Their possible choices are either get a call center job [BPO] and work as a slave or do something better than that [or worse].

That’s how most of them got into blogging and took it as their career. In fact, the failure rate was very low and most of the bloggers who started the full time blogging back in 2010 are all successful now.

Why you need to work under someone when you have the capability to guide others to become like you?

Type -2:

This is my favorite type. Most of these bloggers fell under 14-18 and wanted to do something besides studying. [I’m going with the negative part]

  • Just from the high school, most of them become experts [it’s magic folks] by reading eBooks downloaded from underground forums & they also want to show their talent to the world
  •  They have no idea why they are doing Engineering as they already know how to survive or you can say they have the tool to survive [money]
  • They already are aware of their future, and their future lies in blogging and not in some job [ can’t be a work slave]
  • So, they get into blogging and become pro bloggers or experts in blogging [just like that].

Someone said, there are no shortcuts to success in life, but if you see the Type-2 Engineering/ bloggers you think the quote is wrong. 

Okay, let’s keep the sarcasm out, and the main reason for getting into blogging is to enjoy some perks. For suppose, let’s take tech bloggers [which I’m one of them by the way] you get paid for attending events, testing the gadgets, receive them as gifts. Also, the best part is you get to participate in the product launches and can review them as a hands-on review, unboxing review, etc.

Why you need some job when you are getting paid to write something which no one will even consider reading it. That’s the type -2!

That’s the type -2! It’s not just in Tech Blogging, you can find the Type -2 bloggers in every niche.

Now, you might be wondering there are many other types of engineering graduates getting into blogging for different reasons. Let me tell you one thing – You might be familiar with the concept of permutations & combinations or the Probability.

I feel there are only two essential aspects in everything, let’s say good & bad, head or tail of a tossed coin, true or false, 1 or 0, etc. We just made up some combinations to explain things, but they are purely based on two logical things. So, I believe the above two types are the main things, and from which we can derive many combinations :p

Anyhow,  this is how the Indian Engineering graduates are evolving from the jobless graduates to Bloggers.

Author: Vamsee Angadala

Chief Editor at iGadgetsworld | Electrical Engineer | Social Media Guy | Technology Writer | Gadget Reviewer