B2B Social Media Marketing – How to Fix Low Social media Traffic & Engagement? [A Simple Guide]

As already explained in my previous article on why the social media traffic & engagement is very low for your business websites & channels, here is a simple guide on how you can fix the low social media traffic & engagement issue.

Though this simple guide is written based on B2B social media marketing, you can apply the same for the B2C marketing too. All you need to do is analyze the problems and follow necessary steps to improve the traffic & engagement. So, without any further delay let’s get started with the guide on fixing the low traffic & engagement issue.

Fixing the low social media traffic:

If you had already read my previous article, you might be knowing the first main reason for the low traffic, and it is due to a vague content plan.

Let’s take an example of B2B marketing site where you’ll find a broad range of content like case studies, whitepapers, service pages, articles, blog posts, etc. to be shared from different categories. You might have spent a significant time sharing the service pages & case studies to generate leads, but all your effort goes vain because your pages have no engaging audience which reflects low traffic for the business website. So, how to fix the content issue?

You need a content plan!

A Unique Content division Plan:

Before you even think of making a content calendar, the first thing you’ve to do is create a content division plan. It is very different from a content calendar as the former is meant for choosing what kind of content has to be shared while the latter is a collection of posts which are ready to be scheduled.

So, just like as said in the above example, all you need to do is sit down on making a unique content division plan.

The first thing you have to do is go through all the categories and pick up the primary among them. Let’s say the client you’re handling is an IT company and have the following services – Software Development, Mobile App development, Software Testing, Software Maintenance, IT Consulting, etc.   You need to decide what services/ categories you’ll be planning to write posts per week basis.

To make it simple, let me give the data in a tabular form –

Table -1:

Week  Categories / Services
Software development, Software Testing
2 Mobile App development, sub-categories like iOS App development, hybrid app development
3 Software Maintenance, IT Consulting 
4 Week 1 Repeats with changes in the posting style of writing, testing with images, etc.

Like the above table, you need to form a week wise category/ service promotion table so it will be easy for you to pick up the service and promote it through social media channels. This will also help you analyze the audience and finding which service they are most interested in. Later you can run ads to increase the reach or spend some more time to investigate to make the other services engaging!

Now that you know the week-wise categories promotion, let’s find out how to make the social media posts interesting? Firstly, you can’t just write all promotional posts and expect traffic.

“No one’s interested in clicking the service page link until unless if he/ she want the service.

Also, the audience you have for the channels are also important. If your target audience is the USA and other North America countries, but you have very less audience from those countries, then this strategy may not work for you.

Anyhow, let’s see what kind of content you can write from different services-

In simple, it’s all about the category you choose for that particular day so you can make a quality post on it. As B2B social media marketing is more effective in weekdays, so your plan should be based on working days. For example, on Monday, your post can talk about how your company/ business work. So, you can pick a post about a case study to define how your firm finished the client’s task or a whitepaper to give an in-depth view of how your company works. Usually, Mondays are typically busy days so posting general & interesting things can attract visitors.

Likewise, you can continue to form a small table which apparently gives a right view on which type of post you need to write. Let me share the table which I’ve been following for the company I’m working. [making it generic]

Table – 2: 

 Day What Kind of Post to write?  Why pick up that post? [Reasons] 
Monday How your company works This can be a case study, a white paper to explain how your firm deals with client’s tasks/ issues, etc.
Tuesday From the company’s blog This can be something interesting and relevant to the audience
Wednesday Promotional Post Promote a service page with a good CTA link. Note that Wednesday’s usually have good audience reach
Thursday From Blog Again, pick up something interesting from the blog.  It can be tips, how to? Articles etc.
Friday General Post This post can be from the company’s website itself. Most of the B2B sites usually talk about tips, trends on the website too [not just in blog], so pick up one from it

So, week – 1: Pick up the services from the table – 1 and write posts based on the table – 2. Likewise using both the tables, make a unique content calendar for a month and make it ready to be scheduled.

Fixing Low Social Media Engagement:

The above two tables will help you fix the low social media traffic to the business website, but it may not increase the engagement. As already explained in the previous article, sharing promotional/ self-content may not attract the visitors to engage with the social media posts. So, to make the interaction, you need to post third-party updates too.

Not everytime, your business blog can talk about on-going acquisitions, industry updates, marketing tips, etc. But, this is where the users are more interested in!

To make them focus on your social media posts, start posting interesting, relevant third-party updates.

To make it simple, I have made yet another table, and you can follow if you’re just getting started with this –

Table – 3: 

Day Third-party Posts Reasons on Why & What to Write?
Monday Technology News This is more of industry updates, acquisitions, news tools, etc.
Tuesday Marketing Marketing tips to help the users understand about different techniques
Wednesday Startup Tips Your reader might be a startup owner, and these tips can help them
Thursday SEO & Social media tips Either it’s a business website or some blog, online marketing is crucial
Friday Business, Finance, Productivity How to raise funds, business tips, productivity tips, tools, etc.

Most of the users are interested in the topics specified in the above table, so to get started, start writing based on the table – 3, and after analyzing the users’ interaction, you can change accordingly.

Well, this is how you can fix low social media traffic & engagement if you are handling a B2B client, and these are just general ways to increase the traffic & engagement, but there are several other important things you need to make like social media timing sheet, a complete social media strategy, etc. In my future articles, I will surely talk about all these, so don’t forget to follow my blog! 🙂

Author: Vamsee Angadala

Chief Editor at iGadgetsworld | Electrical Engineer | Social Media Guy | Technology Writer | Gadget Reviewer