Top 5 Blogging Myths from a General User [Wanna Be A Blogger] Perspective – #Busted

Back in my days, blogging was just a hobby, and all we did was share our insights on things that matter to us, but now it became a career to many. Though it does serve a meaningful purpose in providing valuable information to users, it has a dark side too. From past few years, Bloggers are using different ways to attract users [the audience], by showing their income reports, and making them buy their eBooks, but do they help users? Today I’ll debunk the top 5 blogging myths that have been crawling around for many years. Continue reading “Top 5 Blogging Myths from a General User [Wanna Be A Blogger] Perspective – #Busted”

Blogging vs. Journalism – What is the difference?

Well, talking about blogging Vs Journalism, both represents the same kind of work, but they differ in many instances. The blogger usually shares his personal opinions on their blogs while journalists often quote what’s happening around! Both of their work often represented in the form of content & are written in such a way to attract their niche audience/ make their audience aware of what’s going on around!

Still, there are many differences between a blogger & a journalist. If it’s just about writing, then bloggers can call themselves as journalists, but we are using two different words to differentiate. So, what’s the difference? Let’s check out! Continue reading “Blogging vs. Journalism – What is the difference?”

5 Critical Reasons Why Your Startup ended up as a Failure!

Most of the startups fail not because of lack of funds, but because of internal team affairs. I feel this is the main reason why most startups fail before they hit seeding. There are several other reasons for startup failure, but the main one is because of the partners/co-founders/other founding team members, etc. who may not work towards the goal. Let me clear it up.

Every startups’ idea comes from one guy who shares it with other close people [who has same interest], and others just add up the remaining thing [modifications] that is required to make the idea succeed. Continue reading “5 Critical Reasons Why Your Startup ended up as a Failure!”