Top 5 Blogging Myths from a General User [Wanna Be A Blogger] Perspective – #Busted

Back in my days, blogging was just a hobby, and all we did was share our insights on things that matter to us, but now it became a career to many. Though it does serve a meaningful purpose in providing valuable information to users, it has a dark side too. From past few years, Bloggers are using different ways to attract users [the audience], by showing their income reports, and making them buy their eBooks, but do they help users? Today I’ll debunk the top 5 blogging myths that have been crawling around for many years.

Before going to bust the blogging myths, let me tell a few things to whoever reading this. Firstly, these myths are purely based on a general user [non-blogger] perspective, and this is just to make them aware of how some bloggers use wrong ways & methods to make money. So, if you’re one of them you may get hurt with my answers, and if you are a general user [wanna be a blogger] go ahead and continue reading this article to be aware of these blogging myths! Now, let me start debunking the top 5 blogging myths which I personally came across many times.

Top 5 Blogging Myths – #Busted Now!

1. Do bloggers generate a 4-figured income [in dollars] per month? Are those income reports real?

They do earn, and not. I know it’s confusing for you, so, let me put this straight –

You might have heard of a few names in the blogging community who have been running successful blogs for like 8+ years. Yes, these bloggers are generating 4-figured income per month, and few of them do share their real income reports. But, you should also see the investment and the ROI.

Leave those experienced bloggers, and other bloggers just follow the top blogger’s methods and showcase themselves as one of them and share their income reports. You can also see them sharing their AdSense earnings over social media. Well, these are just to fool you!

If they are earning a 4-figured income, they would be the next top millionaires but did you saw anyone belong to this group becoming one?

I’ll just leave this for you, but from my end this blogging myth Is busted.

2. Are those eBooks actually help me make money?

So, you come across many blogs promoting their own eBooks to provide the most successful methods to make money? Well, I guess you have bought a few and tried too, but failed miserably, Isn’t it?

Let me put this straight –

Personally, I don’t believe in eBooks, and all those eBooks contain methods from already published articles and most of them are either based on already available information or just a spin-off from other top blogger eBooks.

I don’t understand why users are still falling for the eBooks showing you specific methods to be successful in blogging & make money? Seriously? Did you saw anyone become productive with those eBooks? I cannot explain everything that’s wrong with their eBooks, but one thing for sure –

If I had a business idea that’s generating me million dollars, I wouldn’t give away just like that for some $19 or $39 until unless I see a saturation, or I’m planning to cheat.

Again, I’ll just leave this for you to think over, but from my end, this blogging myth is debunked.

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3. Can I just join their online courses and become a digital marketing expert? [They are saying, so?]

I’ll be straight –

What are these bloggers gonna teach you in their online courses which Google can’t?

Again, you need to open your eyes and look at what’s happening. Technically speaking, a lot of information is already available for free, and there are many Google courses you can just signup for, to get a certificate.

From what I heard is, in all those online courses that bloggers [or those who set up own companies] offering have the same video tutorials that are already available on Google. It seems you are just paying $$$ to watch them. It doesn’t make any sense to explain more, as you can see that you’re being cheated.

By the way, there’s a difference in a firm offering the digital marketing courses to what bloggers offering. While taking up a course in an institute, you should check whether they have Google partners’ certification or not. Coming to the bloggers offering courses/secret methods/tricks etc. – just show them your 3rd finger 🙂 if you got any mail or someone posting on social media to join their courses.

4. Is that traffic for real? Seriously, a million hits in a day?

Well, it’s both real and imaginary. Real – in a sense, it can be a niche blog/event blog, and as the trend heats up, it does receive an enormous amount of traffic, but it won’t be a million hits a day. Also, it’s not a child’s play and a lot of effort required in finding the keywords, ranking them up and making them go viral, etc. So, yeah! The traffic thing is real, but it’s not a million hits a day. But, you should also see that once the trend goes down, there will be no audience for that site.

Besides niche blog/event blog if someone claiming to own a blog that’s getting a million hits, take a garland and put it over him, because you just found a competitor to the Internet’s top websites.

5. 9 out of 10 Bloggers are getting into Tech Blogging, Can I be One?

Hahaha! Yes, Tech Blogging is high these days.

Just like engineers around every cornor in your street, you can find tech bloggers now! [who were engineers once :p]

The obvious reason is – it is very easy to start with, as you’ve been using mobiles, laptops and born in the so-called internet generation and being the most brilliant minds of this decade, yes! You can become a tech blogger quickly :p

Jokes apart, let me tell you what’s actually happening inside [you know me right, I’m a tech blogger too :p]

People are just calling themselves as tech bloggers with a blog that talks only about smartphones & reviews. In reality, there’s no proper name/group to call them. They neither falls under Gadget Reviewers [as they don’t do any of the reviews, but make them using other site information] nor Tech Bloggers [as they may not know about the technology that is powering the gadgets, but rewrites press releases, copies stuff from forums, etc.]

So, if you want to be one, I would say hold on for a second, and see yourself being one of them. Do you see your future?

I guess, this blogging myth is also busted. Now, it’s time put a full-stop, nope I will update this article again when I hear some more myths from users. Well, that’s why my blog name is iUserBlog :p

Author: Vamsee Angadala

Chief Editor at iGadgetsworld | Electrical Engineer | Social Media Guy | Technology Writer | Gadget Reviewer